Phoenix HP22 Gun Grips

It’s been a while since I’ve got to do much woodworking. My latest project is creating new grips for my Phoenix HP22.
I started with creating templates for each grip on 1/4″ grid-paper. I aligned the forward corner and top with the grid, then traced the outline and marked the holes for each.
The bottoms of the HP22 grips are recessed by 1/16″, but the un-recessed parts were flat. I found the easiest was to transfer the edges of the recess was to use the grip as a stamp. I took a sharpie marker and working quickly, gave the un-recessed parts a quick coat, then aligned the grip with the outline and pressed firmly onto the paper. This left a perfect outline of the recess to be used as a pattern.
After creating the templates, I made copies on our scanner/printer in a mirrored format, so that the transferred imaged was as if I was working from the inside of the grip out. I guess I could have just flipped the cut out over as well, but this way I didn’t forget to flip. The grips outlines were cut out of the copy and lines were transferred onto the wood. Once both outlines were drawn the outlines of the recesses were also transferred to the wood. Note the alignment marks on each side of the wood.
Once the outlines were tranferred to the wood, I routed out the recess on each grip using my plunge router. Then the board was cut in two to book match the grips.
After some time on the oscillating sander, some filing, and final sanding, the holes were drilled for the screws.
A little more sanding and fitting, they were ready for finishing
Overall, I think they turned out pretty nice.

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